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FFA Farm Zoo

FFA Farm Zoo!FFA Farm Zoo FFA Farm Zoo

Where do you see the most smiles, ooh’s and ahh’s at the Sandwich Fair? The FFA Farm Zoo, of course!

Interact and experience the baby animals

  • Baby chickens and ducks
  • pigs
  • goats
  • rabbits
  • lambs
  • geese
  • Maggie the milking cow is located at the FFA farm zoo


Make the Farm Zoo a must stop place at the fair. It’s sure to be one of the great memories and a great photographic opportunity!

Find the zoo just beyond the carnival at the west end of the fairgrounds.

Look into children’s eyes and see the smiles on both adults and children as they enjoy the cute, cuddly and quirky animals on display. The FFA Farm Zoo students have many animals on display, from baby chickens and ducks to pigs and goats. Students bring in their own FFA project to be a part of the cooperative display.

“The students’ hard work and team effort are what make this display so great,” said Toni Saso, Somonauk, Leland, and Sandwich FFA advisor. “The students are very engaged in making a great display for the community, and we take pride in their work.”

The joy of touching a soft baby rabbit or a fluffy baby chick brings out the wonder and joy so often missing in our stressful over-organized lives. For a moment visitors feel that strong bond that farmers have with their animal and see the effects of responsibility and dedication from the caretakers.

The FFA Zoo exemplifies what hard work, dedication and cooperation between towns, teenagers, and adults can do to bring joy to many. FFA members from the Somonauk Leland Sandwich chapter, Newark chapter, Hinckley Big Rock chapter, and Indian Creek chapter are all a part of this cooperative effort.

When you need to lift your spirits, Interact with the students and learn something new. Experiencing the baby animals is more intimate than a regular zoo and it’s FREE!

Be sure to make it a must stop place at the fair.


History of the Farm Zoo

The Farm Zoo was started in 1967 by Fair Director Milford Clausen in cooperation with instructors and local Future Farmers of America chapters from Sandwich, Shabbona, Somonauk, and Waterman.

Part of the 1880 sheep barn was remodeled to house the zoo. Animals were and still are projects of the FFA students including calves, cow and calf, ewe and lamb, hogs, ducks, geese, rabbits, and baby chickens.

Today chapters from Somonauk-Leland, Newark, Hinckley, and Indian Creek participate in the zoo. Students hold, care for animals, and answer questions about them. About ten years ago a farmer's market was added to sell pumpkins, Indian corn, mums, and bottled water.

The 125th fair in 2012 was the first year for the mechanical milking cow.

Sunday is their biggest attendance day.