Souvenirs & merchandise

Souvenirs may be purchased at the Gazebo located on the north side of the Home Arts Building, beginning Wednesday, 9 a.m.

Souvenirs are more than just keepsakes

Did you know that every year, the Sandwich Fair souvenirs commemorate a historic landmark of the Sandwich Fair? This year's landmark is the 1920 Aemotor Windmill donated by the Roy LaBolle family in 1970.

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  • Pottery
  • T Shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hats
  • Historic Note Cards
  • Post Cards
  • Collectible Pins
  • Fair Flags
  • Mugs & Magnets
  • Plush Animals
  • Wooden Ornament
  • Free Activity Books
Abby the Sheep

Abby Sheep is studying hard right now preparing to guide school kids through the fair beginning Wednesday, September 6.

Starting at the Gazebo, kids will be given activity books, and as they tour various areas throughout the fair learning interesting and historic facts about the fair. Their personal activity books will get filled with stamps from various areas.

Long T-shirt
Collectible Pottery
Short T-shirt
Lapel pin
Hooded Sweatshirt Front
Sweatshirt Back
Baseball cap
Commemorative pin
Ceramic Mug
Collectible Pottery
Collectible Pottery
Lapel pin
Lapel Pin
Stoneware Magnet

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2017 Commemorative Pin Details