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Winding Bird

Did you get up with the roosters to prepare for the day?

Ag Land Stage

or maybe you took time to sit while enjoying one of the many shows at the Ag Land Stage, the Home Arts Stage or the Grandstand events.


Many of you petted the real animals at the FFA Zoo and then stopped to feel how it felt to milk Maggie The Dairy Cow a great replica of a real one.


Ah! How nice to take an afternoon nap!

ferris wheel

What a view experiencing the Sandwich Fair from the top of the Ferris wheel!


As the sun set many people were excited to experience the fair at night; while others were taking children home from a day full of memories and waiting for next year.

127th Annual Sandwich Fair

A great place to stay connected

Distinctive buildings on beautiful tree-lined grounds, an ever-evolving array of exhibits and commercial displays, harness races, carnival rides, food stands, and a variety of other attractions make up the DeKalb County Fair better known as the Sandwich Fair. The Sandwich Fair is the oldest continuing fair in the state of Illinois.

It is people like you, however, who give life to the Fair, and the Sandwich Fair is full of life. Bring your friends; bring your family. The Fair is a great place relax and unwind, reminisce, explore and seek out thrills and adventures, and stay connected.


A GIANT carnival midway

Seek out thrills on the carnival rides and try your luck at games of chance. There's lots of rides, concerts, food, and great adventures waiting for you.

Grandstand Events and Fabulous Entertainment

Competitions, local entertainment, livestock shows, harness races, demolition derby, and the always popular truck and tractor pulls. Thrill seekers and concert-goers, there is plenty of action every one of the 5 days of the fair. Check out the fair schedule and plan your favorite events now.

Families, Teens, Moms and Dads

There is plenty of FREE entertainment. The Sandwich Fair is a great get-away activity promising the best enjoyment value for the dollar. Driving from the suburbs is easy. Parking is FREE and never a problem!

The Sandwich Fair hosts the Midwest's largest display of agricultural and home arts exhibits, a large variety of displays, and lots and lots of family entertainment.

Come Join the Fun!