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ALWAYS LABOR DAY WEEK - Wednesday through Sunday. Gates open 8 a.m.

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Information about kid fun and activities for 2015 is coming soon.

2014 Fair Activity Book

Pick up an activity book and let Gus the fair pup show you around the fair.

FFA Farm Zoo

Be sure not to miss the FFA Farm Zoo. Get up close and cuddly with some friendly farm animals.

Maggie the Milking Cow

Learn how to hand milk a cow.

Great American Duck Race

Learn about Mallards while watching a fun duck race.

Buttons the Clown

He can be spotted strolling around all areas of the grounds and even driving in his little clown mobile.

Otto's Train

Your trip to the Sandwich Fair is not complete without having ridden the train around the fairgrounds.

The 2014 Activity Book

Featuring Gus the fair pup

activity book cover

Say hello to Gus, a perky pup. He is the star of the 2014 Sandwich Fair’s Fun Fair Facts Activity Book and is sure to capture the hearts of all ages. Gus’s silly dog jokes will make you giggle, and his facts will make you want to learn more about our amazing Sandwich Fair.

“Why is a tree like a big dog?
-- They both have a lot of bark!”

Pick up your FREE copy of the book at the Gazebo Information Center, Collections Building, FFA Farm Zoo, Horticulture Building, Craft Demonstration Building, or Fair Museum to start your Fun Fair Facts adventure.

gus the pup

Get the book stamped along the way and bring it to the Gazebo (located in front of the Home Arts Building) to claim an awesome free prize (while supplies last).

Gus is also the newest addition to the Sandwich Fair plush animal collection. He is soft and furry and looks adorable in his blue and white striped train engineer’s hat. He proudly sports an embroidered logo of our Burlington Northern Caboose on his tummy.

Take home a great memory of your visit to the 128th Sandwich Fair. You can buy Gus at the Gazebo.

FFA Farm Zoo

pictures of the FFA farm zoo

Where do you see the most smiles, ooh’s and ahh’s at the Sandwich Fair?

The FFA Farm Zoo, of course!

Some of the best things in life are free. If you doubt that, just see the smiles on both adults and children as they enjoy the cute, cuddly and quirky animals on display. The joy of touching a soft baby rabbit or a fluffy baby chick brings out the wonder and joy so often missing in our stressful over-organized lives. For a moment people and animals feel that strong bond that farmers have for their animals.

FFA members from the Somonauk Leland Sandwich chapter, Newark chapter, Hinckley Big Rock chapter, and Indian Creek chapter are all a part of this cooperative effort.

When you need to lift your spirits, find the zoo just beyond the carnival at the west end of the fairgrounds. Interact with the FFA students and learn something new. Experiencing the baby animals is more intimate than a regular zoo and it’s free. Your time here is sure to make great memories and great photographic opportunities!

Maggie the Real milking cow

This educational cow is mooo-valous fun. Learn how to milk a cow like it's done on the farm. This is a great bucket list activity for the family. Maggie is very amoooosing, and milking Maggie is safe and clean. It isn't real milk, but don't tell Maggie.

You can find Maggie the working replica of a cow waiting for you in the FFA Farm Zoo.

Udderly fun for everyone!

Great American Duck Races of New Mexico

duck race

You can't watch ducks race without smiling.

Almost every performance has audience members who have returned to see the show for the second or third time.

Sixteen children (and adults) are chosen during each show to release the ducks in the race track. Prizes are given to the winners of each race. Excitement increase with each of the five races held during each show.

Interesting facts about Mallard duck are revealed throughout the show. The educational portion of the show was prepared by the Ducks Unlimited, Inc. national staff, exclusively for the Great American Duck Race of New Mexico. Visit their website.

Buttons the Clown

Everyone loves clowning around

clown in car stilt guy and girl

Buttons the Clown can be spotted strolling around all areas of the grounds and even driving in his little clown mobile. He is always ready for a friendly conversation or a photo op, as he loves to make people happy at the Sandwich Fair.

If you’re lucky, he might even make you a colorful balloon animal!

Look up if you want to see stilt walking and juggling!

Look for Carrie McQueen walking around. You won't miss her.

Augie Otto's Train

A must do choo choo

Hop on board. The train is a great fair stop for everyone. It is a relaxing and WAY COOL ride. Kids will love it and will be bringing parents back to the fair to ride it again (and we're not just blowin' smoke). You can watch for free or buy a ticket and experience it for yourself!

Augie Otto's first run was in 1973. It is a model of Class 5-4 Hudson Type 4-6-4, Burlington Series 3000 Engine and is 1/4 scale. Now THAT's some model train! Adults will love it as much as the kids. This is a fair treat you won't want to miss.

Even more activities for kids to enjoy

Free every day

  • The livestock area offers kids the opportunity to see many farm animals in the Exhibit Barns.
  • The Demonstration Building features artists and crafts people at work. Children and young adults can observe crafts such as pottery making, basket weaving, wood carving, and wheat weaving.
  • Look for photography, artwork, collections, and miscellaneous craft exhibits in the Arts and Crafts Building.
  • Picture-perfect grains, fruits, vegetables, and flowers are displayed in the Horticulture Building. Check out the enormous pumpkins!
  • The Home Arts Building holds the baked goods, intricate needlework, decorated cakes, and preserved food. There is also a large display of antique gas engines, working antique farm equipment, and modern farm equipment.
  • The History Museum has Photographs, posters and showcases filled with Fair memorabilia from the past and present. Be sure to look around the museum after you get your Activity Book stamped.
  • Rob Thompson's Pure Magic
  • Balster Magic Productions Inc.
  • Banjo Buddies Dixieland Trio
  • Dan Barth Entertainment
  • Chris Vallilo Original and Traditional Acoustic Roots Music
  • Strolling Pipers Bands

Attention Educators!

School groups and special needs groups are invited to attend the 2014 Sandwich Fair on the following days from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 3, 2014, Thursday, September 4, 2014 and Friday, September 5, 2014.

Check for the kid friendly icon. Pointing out activities suitable for younger fairgoers.