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ALWAYS LABOR DAY WEEK - Wednesday through Sunday. Gates open 8 a.m.

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Board of Directors & Superintendents

 Larry Dannewitz      President
Kenneth Tyrrell  Vice President
 Nancy Rex Secretary & Fair Manager
John Wagner Treasurer
Scott Breunig John Hallaron Matthew Wilson
Harold Dannewitz Richard Delp Kenneth Tyrrell
Gene Freiders William Haag James Webber
Wiley Updike

Superintendents, Co-Superintendents & Assistants

General Livestock Superintendent - Kenneth Tyrell


Beef Cattle Matt Olson
Dairy Cattle Mark Tuttle
Draft Horses Philip Nielsen
Sheep Brad Temple
Dairy Goats LaVerne Mattson
Swine Richard Delp
Rabbits Mike Jackson
Poultry Mike Crayton


Beef Cattle Sandi Frost
Dairy Cattle John Tyrrell
Sheep Al Dietz
Dairy Goats LaVerne Mattson
Swine Eric Hatfield
Rabbits Carole Hartel
Poultry Mike Crayton

General Display Buildings Superintendent - John Wagner


Grains, Seeds & Forages John Wagner
Vegetables John Wagner
Herbs John Wagner
Hybrid Corn John Wagner
Fruits John Wagner
Flowers & Plants Nancy Glover
Needlework Bonnie Young
Clothing Bonnie Young
Art Pam Nelson
Amateur Photography Becky Morphey
Ceramics Becky Morphey
Crafts Pam Nelson
Collections Anne Hilliard, Joyce Swanson & Bill Francis
Culinary Competition Cindy Akre, Pam, Penny & Karen Monkemeyer
Truck Pulls Gene Frieders
Tractor Pulls Gene Frieders
Western Horse Show Carole Hilleson
Class of Speed Jerry Dudzik
Micro Mini Tractor Pull Richard Delp
Ag Land Stage Talent Contest Tom Merkel


Grains, Seeds & Forages John Wagner
Vegetables John Wagner
Herbs John Wagner
Fruit John Wagner
Pumpkins John Wagner
Plants & Flowers Cathy Meyer
Clothing & Needlework Pam, Penny & Karen Monkemeyer
Foods Pam, Penny & Karen Monkemeyer
Art & Ceramics Becky Morphey
Crafts Pam Nelson
Collections Anne Hilliard


Concessions & Displays John Hallaron & Matthew Wilson
Crafts & Demonstrations Eileen Weber
Caretaker James Webber
Electricians Harold Dannewitz & Reed Johnson
Grandstand Entertainment Larry Dannewitz & Bill Werner
Ag Land Entertainment Gary Skinner
Antique Farm Machinery Roger Peterson
Sandwich Auto Show Doug & Nancy Carter
Gazebo Information, Education Karen Breunig, Jackie Dannewitz & Joan Hardekopf
Night Crew Joe Webber
Parking and Police Scott Breunig & William Haag
People Movers Kenneth Tyrell
Ticket Sales Nancy Rex & Roy Walgren
Office Manager Tom Merkel
Fair Data Manager Debbie Merkel
Livestock Data Manager Kim Hoffman
Assistant Livestock Data Manager Dianna Richards
Web Coordinator Eileen Baird


The Sandwich Fair is brought to you by the dedication of the Association and staff. We value the support of our sponsors and their contribution to the community at large, and an historic tradition. Support the 127th Sandwich Fair by becoming a sponsor. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, call Kenneth Tyrrell at (815) 498-3126.

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