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ALWAYS LABOR DAY WEEK - Wednesday through Sunday. Gates open 8 a.m.

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Fay's pork chops cooking on grill
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September 7
6:30 p.m.
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small girl and big turkey leg
two girls tire sitting
two girls eating the best icecream
a funnel cake family
Fair officers
dad and son watching the chickens
familiy sliding together
Face Painting
Girl Riding the pony
family at the Farm Zoo
Our awesome vendors
Coloring Contest Winners

2016 Sandwich fair

The Sandwich Fair is quaint, old-fashioned fun
– a great place to stay connected….

To get to the fairgrounds (and not our office), click the link above.

What's so great about our fair?

#1. You

#2. The people who work hard to bring you this great event

#3. Our history

#4. The 129th Sandwich Fair hosts the Midwest's largest display
of agricultural and home arts exhibits.

The Sandwich Fair (DeKalb County Fair) is the oldest continuing fair in the state of Illinois. See distinctive buildings on beautiful tree-lined grounds, an ever-evolving array of exhibits, commercial displays, agricultural displays, harness races, truck and tractor pulls, carnival rides, food stands, and a variety of other attractions.

It's a traditional fair with the awesome fun of a modern theme park. There's something for everyone!

Come join the fun!

2015 Souvenir items Commemorate the Collections Building.

2015 commemorative pin

Learn about the featured collections

Marvin the Moose will be helping kids learn about the fair.

See the Moose Tracks & Fair Facts activity book

Enter your old traffic signs in the collections category 1 entry #31 for 2015 only

More info about entering your personal collections


free class admission passes. Please plan early next year.

911 Remembrance Ceremony

September 11
Ag Land Stage, 1 p.m


New this year!